Offices often look much cleaner than they are. The fact is, these busy environments are prone to getting dirty quickly. They are inhabited by lots of people during the day, each carrying bacteria and viruses. Also, workers have a tendency to eat at their desks, spilling crumbs onto their keyboards.

So, in the interests of creating a nicer environment and of protecting the wellbeing of your personnel, it may be wise to take advantage of office cleaning services in London. Arranging such help is now easier than ever before and it could make a real difference to your working space.

Some worrying stats

Writing on Business 2 Community recently, David Eaves pointed to some worrying statistics when it comes to office hygiene. He noted that millions of us spend a “huge amount” of time at work, so it’s important to think about taking good habits from the home and applying them to the office.

According to the blogger, these environments are the perfect breeding ground for germs. He also noted that while many people think communal toilets are the dirtiest areas in their workplaces, desks can in fact be worse. He pointed to research which suggested that only 30 per cent of people bother to clean these surfaces. This means desks have been found in some cases to be much less clean than toilet seats.

Spilling crumbs

Mr Eaves went on to state: “Heavy workloads make eating at desks a tempting (and sometimes a necessity!) but beware, tiny crumbs and bits of food falling in between the keys make an ideal environment for bacteria to breed, which is why you are likely to find 70 per cent more bacteria here than on a toilet seat.

“It doesn’t stop with the keyboard though; the office phone is the next great problem area. Close proximity to your mouth and contact from your hands means the average telephone has around 25,000 germs per square inch.”

The martyr effect

Another risk to hygiene occurs when workers who are ill head into the office anyway. Mr Eaves drew attention to figures indicating that while an average of 72 per cent of individuals believe that working while they feel ill is likely to spread the condition to colleagues, 52 per cent still feel bad for calling in sick.


Summing up his thoughts, the writer remarked: “As businesses strive to stay healthy in today’s economic climate, it pays to invest in a clean and healthy working environment for staff.”

Commercial cleaning – What we can do

Here at Starlet Cleaning we appreciate the importance of this issue and we offer impressive office cleaning London. By coming to us, you can rest assured your working space will be spic and span.

The best thing is, you won’t have to worry about trying to clean the area yourself. You’ve no doubt got lots of other tasks to complete, so the last thing you’ll want to do is spend time thinking about hygiene.

To find out more about our commercial cleaning services, just take a look around the relevant section of our website. We’re a cleaning company in London you can rely on.

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