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Upholstery Cleaning London

Top quality upholstery cleaning to leave your sofas, chairs, and mattresses clean, fresh, and good as new!

We are a leading provider of upholstery cleaning London services guaranteed to breathe new life into so sofas, mattresses, armchairs, and all your soft furnishings.

The power of steam from our advanced hot water extraction machines will leave your upholstery clean and fresh  – guaranteed!

Our technicians are trained and experienced at removing stains and handling all your soft furnishings safely.

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How do we do it?

We use a powerful hot water extraction cleaning system that uses the power of steam cleaning to get deep into the upholstery to get rid of dirt and stains. Steam cleaning is the best way to clean, disinfect, and deodorize fabrics. It leaves your upholstery almost dry and it extends its life too.

Using a special hand tool our technicians pass steam across the fabric, which won’t saturate it and leaves it clean and dry in next to no time. They will also use a special cleaning solution on your upholstery, which helps extract any dirt and stains from the fabric.

As part of our thorough processes we examine any stains after which they apply an appropriate detergent to dissolve them. We can treat stains such as nail varnish, ink, and red wine.

Our upholstery cleaning service includes:

Pre-treating fabrics
Stain removal
Steam cleaning
Stain and Spot Removal

Mattress Cleaning

We also provide professional mattress cleaning in London. We clean mattresses using the same powerful steam cleaning process. Regular mattress cleaning every six months or so helps to protect your mattress and extends its life. Mattress cleaning with steam is the best way to kill bacteria that live in your mattress and helps eradicate dust mites. People who suffer from eczema and asthma may also benefit from regular steam cleaning of mattresses.

Sofa Cleaning

We also offer professional and affordable sofa cleaning in London. We can advise on the best treatment for your sofa taking special care with delicate fabrics.

We also offer Scotchgard treatment to protect your sofas and upholstery. Applying Scotchgard will protect your fabric, furniture, and carpets from stains and preserve colour.

It’s not only fabric we clean. We can also clean your leather sofas and furniture removing stains, conditioning, and revitalising. You’ll be amazed at the difference our sofa cleaners can make to your leather sofas and chairs!

Steam Cleaning Deals

Upholstery is just part of a range of steam cleaning services we offer. Ask us about our carpet cleaning and steam cleaning of rugs. If we are doing your upholstery we may as well do those do!

Upholstery cleaning FAQs

What is hot water extraction cleaning?

Hot water extraction, sometimes called steam cleaning, is the upholstery cleaning process where water under pressure is forced directly into the upholstery fibres, dislodging dirt, and at the same time a powerful vacuum is used to suck the water out of the fabric removing 95% of the moisture. The hot water extraction method is used for natural fibres such as cotton, wool, polyester, synthetic and mixed fabrics.

What is dry cleaning?

If your upholstery is made of delicate or non-water resistant fabrics, dry cleaning will be the required. A professional dry cleaning process includes:

Pre-treatment of any stains or dirty patches

Using a professional dry cleaning machine, a solvent is applied under pressure, ensuring it goes deep into the fabric to clean all the dirt.

The machine then sucks up the solvent together with the dissolved dirt.

Are there any stains that cannot be removed?

Whilst we cannot guarantee we can remove all stains many can be cleaned. However, if the stain is very old and has gone deep into the fabric, it will be very difficult to remove. Blood and water stains are notoriously difficult to remove. If you have experienced an unfortunate spillage on your upholstery don’t delay. Call us as soon as possible and let us know the type of fabric and stain you want to remove and we will advise you further.

How much does upholstery cleaning cost?

Pricing for upholstery cleaning ranges from £11.42 to £58.87 depending on the cleaning method used, the size and type of upholstery, the fabric it’s made of, as well as other factors. Please see our prices page for more information.