Choosing not to book a professional cleaning company to carry out end of tenancy cleaning when you’re moving out of your property may not be a smart move.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using a professional end of tenancy cleaning service:

Deep and thorough cleaning is very labour intensive work. Do you really want the hassle and hard work at the end of your tenancy when you will have many other things to think about?

Professional cleaning companies use cleaners trained and equipped with specialist equipment and products that will complete the job to a higher standard in a shorter time than you can achieve.

Many landlords will expect carpets to be professionally cleaned. A carpet cleaning expert will be equipped with a commercial grade carpet cleaning machine, and a wealth of knowledge, ensuring there is no damage to the carpets.

If you have little or no cleaning experience you could easily damage surfaces, items, or appliances by using powerful chemicals, materials, or methods.

A professional cleaning company has advance methods to safely remove tough stains to ensure a full refund from you landlord.

High level outside window cleaning is dangerous for the untrained, with the potential risk of falling from heights, so this job is best left to the experts.

Many cleaning companies often a highly convenient service to their customers. Services can be booked at short notice, and whilst your away from your home. Many companies will collect your keys from your work and return them after the job.

Landlords are happier when they know professionals have cleaned their property. Indeed, many will insist on it and require an invoice from your cleaning service as proof you have had the property professionally cleaned.

To achieve all of these benefits, it’s important that you contract a quality cleaning company to carry out the cleaning at the end of your tenancy.

Check that the company provides written quotation, terms and conditions, and insurance.

Starlet Cleaning’s professional end of tenancy cleaning service in London offers all of the above benefits and more. Contact us for a free quote today!

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