As a landlord or apartment block manager, you will expect your properties to be left in a certain condition when tenants come to leave. However, being able to stipulate exactly what that condition should be is quite difficult to achieve. While some things are obviously unacceptable – such as leaving surfaces strewn with litter and caked in a thick build up of grime, for example – the overall cleanliness of the property is somewhat of a subjective matter.

As a general rule, it would be acceptable to expect the property to be left in the same condition it was found in. If you use our end of tenancy cleaning London service to maintain your properties before and after tenants arrive and depart, this will require them to leave it in pretty good condition indeed! If you are required to use our cleaning London service in order to make sure a property is in spotless condition before the next tenants move in, then do make sure you deduct the costs from the previous tenants’ deposit. Of course, you may also want to take advantage of our quality service when you first purchase the property and before any initial tenants move in, so that you get the process off to a good start.

If you have a gap between leaving tenants and new ones arriving, it is usual to expect that potential tenants would be coming to visit the property. If this is the case, the last thing you would want is for them to be put off by an unclean house or apartment. Instead, you’d want the place to appear inviting, hygienic and appealing, which is certainly not going to be achieved through a dirty refrigerator or a grease-lined hob and oven. Our cleaners will make sure the property is pristine in record time so you won’t have to risk losing potential new tenants and consequently losing out on that much-needed tenancy income.

Our end of tenancy cleaning services London aren’t just for landlords, however. As a tenant you may want to employ our fantastic cleaners just to ensure that you can recoup your full deposit (provided you’ve not incurred any other reason for losing your deposit, of course!) from your landlord. No matter how regularly you clean your house or flat, it will rarely be in the same condition when you come to move out as it was when you moved in and you really can’t risk losing out on that deposit money, particularly if you need it to fund another flat or even buying your first property.

No matter whether you need a quick and easy improvement on your own cleaning efforts or a full and intensive deep clean, our cleaners here at Starlet Cleaning can make sure your property sparkles just as much as it did when you arrived. We offer extensive cleaning of your bathroom and kitchen, including disinfecting and de-scaling of even the most difficult and unpleasant areas such as the plughole and oven, as well as a thorough clean of all other rooms in the property. Contact us today to find out how we can leave your property in pristine condition at a price you can afford.

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