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After the builders leave, the real work begins. Whether you are renovating your house or making small a cleaner wiping away builders dustchangers, builders dust is something that plagues all of our minds. It seems to get everywhere and can feel impossible to remove. Investing in a professional after builders cleaning service is a simple and efficient way to deal with your problem but if you want to tackle the job yourself, follow these top tips on how to get rid of dust when you have had the builders in.


Before construction begins, cover all electrical items with plastic wrap or bags that are well sealed. This will stop the dust from damaging them in any way. Although you may want to wait until after the builders have finished their work to deal with the mess, doing a quick clean up at the end of each day will mean that the mess doesn’t build up as much over time. It’s all about personal preference.


The problem with dust is, if you brush it around it just lifts into the air and lands somewhere else. If you don’t try to remove the dust properly, you can waste hours just moving it from one place to the next. When there are bigger pieces, such as plaster or other materials, on the floor with the dust then sometimes sweeping cannot be avoided. If you do have to sweep, open all of the windows in the room and try to direct the air flow towards them to encourage as much of the builders dust as possible to leave the room. You might want to take a break after this so that any dust left in the air can settle.

Walls and ceiling

Builders dust can also cover your walls. To clean the dust away, take a damp cloth and run it gently over each wall until the dust has gone. Be careful with this step if your walls have been painted within the last month, as the damp cloth may ruin the paint.


Use your vacuum to remove the rest of the dust. If your vacuum has a filter, check it regularly to prevent a build-up that could damage your vacuum permanently. Run the vacuum around the room or rooms with builders dust until you are satisfied that it has been removed.


Before you attempt to mop your floor, vacuum as much of the builders dust up as possible. It may take a couple of times before you are satisfied. When you have done that, mop the floors with your preferred cleaning agent. Once usually won’t be enough and will leave smudges across the floor. You will need to repeat this step several times before your floor is clean again.

Windowsills and other surfaces

Builders dust doesn’t just land on the floor. It covers pretty much every surface in the room. Replace the end of your vacuum with a nozzle small enough for cleaning surfaces such as shelves and tables. Clean as much of the dust as possible, trying your best to get into all of the corners. Wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth afterwards to get rid of any residue dust.

Additional After Builders Cleaning Tips

To contain the mess as much as possible, keep the air flow in your home moving throughout the entire construction process. This will ensure that at least some of the builders dust will be carried out of the house and not left to settle on the floor and other surfaces.

Invest in a strong vacuum cleaner. Vacuums with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter are particular good as they can trap a lot of small particles and stop them from being blown back out into the air of your home, as ordinary vacuum cleaners do. Unlike with a normal vacuum, using one with a HEPA filter will make the cleaning process a lot easier and shorten the number of times you need to vacuum up the builders dust.

Be patient. Cleaning the builders dust from your home yourself is not an easy process. It can take months of repeating the same steps over and over again before you are finally free of it all. But follow these tips on how to get rid of dust and you will soon be on top of things.

If you want to save yourself the hassle and invest in a professional clean, our after builders cleaning service is ready to assist you. We can cater to your needs, whether it is helping you to keep on top of the mess during the building process or giving your home that final, proper clean after the builders have gone. Contact us for a quote.

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