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Every week we clean dozens of homes for people who are moving out. We work closely with landlords and letting agencies so we know what they expect. Some can be incredibly picky so we have drawn up an ultimate end of tenancy cleaning checklist to help you when you are moving out.

Kitchen Checklist

  • Microwave – clean inside and out, top and sides
  • Fridge and freezer – clean inside and out, top and sides, and seal
  • Washing Machine – inside and out, top, seal and soap tray
  • Oven – including inside and out, racks and trays, door and seal
  • Kitchen cupboards – inside and out, top and sides, underneath, and door handles
  • Door – inside and out, on top, and frame
  • Wash window including sill and frame
  • Degrease all surfaces including tiles and worktop
  • Wash Floor

Living Room and Bedroom Checklist

  • Wash door inside and out, and on top, as well as frame and handle
  • Vacuum and/or mop floor
  • Wipe skirting
  • Wash windows internally including frames and sills
  • Wash radiator including behind
  • Dust lampshades and light fittings
  • Clean cupboards inside and out including handles
  • Dust shelving
  • Spot clean any marks on walls

Bathroom cleaning checklist

  • Scrub and descale shower, bath tub, toilet, sink, taps and tiles
  • Wash floor
  • Remove mould
  • Clean window including frame and sill
  • Wash radiator including behind
  • Clean cupboards inside and out and on top
  • Wipe shelving

These items, and sometimes many more besides, should be cleaned and checked at the end as part of a post tenancy clean. Many landlords will have special demands such as carpet cleaning, outside window cleaning, and the replacement of light bulbs so it is always wise to check what needs to be done.

Professional end of tenancy cleaning companies like Starlet Cleaning are well used to what landlords expect but it’s a good idea to talk to your landlord first to find out what he expects when you move out. Ask for an inventory cleaning list and give it to your cleaning provider to make sure the service covers what your landlord expects.

Talking to your landlord and your cleaning company before you move out is a good idea. It will prevent potential problems further down the line and ensure the return of your deposit. Most tenancy agreements stipulate that the property must be left in a clean condition when you move out. Failure to clean up properly when you move out does entitle the landlord to withhold part of your deposit.

Finally, here are a few tips for choosing the right move out cleaning company:

  1. Make sure they are fully insured
  2. Check reviews on the Internet
  3. Check that they provide their own professional materials and equipment
  4. Is the service guaranteed

We hope this end of tenancy cleaning checklist will help when you are moving. It is not exhaustive as landlords requirements vary but working closely with letting agencies and inventory clerks we are confident that this list will stand you in good stead when you are moving out.

If you live in London and you’re looking for a professional end of tenancy cleaning company make Starlet Cleaning your port of call. We deliver a top-class, hassle-free service that is tailored to your landlord’s requirements thus ensuring the full return of your deposit. Contact us for a free quote today!

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