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Cleaning is the most common cause of a deposit dispute between a tenant and a landlord at the end of a tenancy, with nearly a half of all disputes related to cleanliness. No wonder then a dirty oven can sometimes be a problem at check out!

Tackling a dirty oven is an unpleasant job but it has to be sparkling, nothing less will do a picky landlord. But removing a year’s worth of burnt on charcoal and grease is easier said than done.

However, cleaning dirty ovens is grist to our mill. Check out these before and after photos of an all too typical oven we come across when end of tenancy cleaning.

before and after oven cleaning for end of tenancy

If you are moving out and want the ultimate end of tenancy oven cleaning experience, look no further than Starlet Cleaning. We can provide expert end of tenancy deep oven cleans and you can leave your dirty, greasy oven to our experts. Our unique and highly effective cleaning systems includes door, racks, exterior and interior walls.

Check out our oven cleaning page or contact us for more information.

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