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Anyone who watches the TV period drama series Downton Abbey will know that in times gone by a housekeeper was a woman of some power amongst the domestic staff that lived downstairs in the great houses of yesteryear.

Nowadays there are fewer grand households like that depicted in Downton Abbey and it is only the super rich that need large retinues of domestic servants.  Advances in cleaning technology such as the washing machine and the vacuum cleaner also mean fewer families need to employ staff to do their cleaning.

However, with more of us living busy and complicated lives the modern domestic housekeeper can still play an important role especially in households where both partners work. Today a housekeeper is someone who takes care of the running of your home and this goes much further than just cleaning.

Some of the typical duties you can expect from a housekeeper:

  • house cleaning to ensure all areas of your home are clean, neat, and tidy Starlet housekeeper cleaning a cooker
  • organising tasks such as cleaning and tidying a messy cupboard
  • ironing and laundry
  • dealing with tradesmen
  • taking messages
  • shopping
  • dog walking
  • some positions may require food preparation and cooking

When we recruit our staff we always look for the best. We look for people with several years of experience working in a busy home for customers who are demanding about their requirements.

We only employ people who use their initiative and are perfectionists in everything they do. They must be self-motivated and able to complete tasks without supervision.

Our housekeepers must be full of energy and physically fit. They must be able to kneel and crouch, move furniture, and carry heavy bags of shopping.

They must have a good knowledge of cleaning products so they can properly clean sensitive or expensive surfaces, fabrics, and furniture without damaging them.

Our recruitment procedures are designed to give you peace of mind. When it comes to making checks before employing someone to work for us we ask for a proof of address, entitlement to work legally in the UK, and we check two references.

When we have selected the right person we take care of all employment obligations as well as tax and national insurance contributions ensuring our service operates within an ethical and legal framework.

If you don’t want to take on all these procedures and responsibilities yourself you should make our housekeeper service your number one choice for the smooth and efficient running of your home.

Whether for a home needing a couple of days help per week, or a full time position, we are sure to have someone to suit. For more information on our housekeeper service in London please contact us.

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