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You put a lot of time, effort, and money into getting your dream home designed and refurbished. All you need to do now before you move in is to make it sparkling clean. However, you need to know that even after all building works are completed you can’t move straight in! Though builders usually clean up after themselves you will need a good team of after builders cleaners to make your place truly dust free and spotless.

There is no time to waste, you need to find a good professional London cleaning company to help you. You can always try and do it yourself if you have only one room to be cleaned, but if it is the whole house that needs cleaning it’s a better idea to call a professional cleaning company specialising in after builders cleaning.

Google search will help you to find a cleaning company with good reviews. Invite one or two you like best to come and offer you a quote. Don’t try to hire the cheapest one. It’s not the best idea. Always remember – you often get what you pay for in life. If you want to be sure of high standards, and a professional approach, never go for the cheapest option.

Here are some step by step tips, and things to bear in mind, so you know if the cleaning company you are considering will provide you with a professional service.

Make sure the cleaning team you contract is supervised. There has to be someone who is responsible for the job and who you will deal with.

Double check if the cleaners will cover and protect your new floors, whether they are wooden or carpeted. Cleaning products or even water can damage flooring very easily.

Check that the cleaners will clean or replace the home’s air filter as it will help to clear the dust out of your home.

When it comes to after builders cleaning your biggest enemy is dust. Everything might be new in your property but all surfaces and any fixtures and fittings need to be wiped down from dust, which takes time. For example, one unit has to be wiped and the cloth rinsed, and repeated three times at least to get rid of stubborn dust. Then everything has to be polished with furniture polish and so on. This is very labour intensive work if the end result is to be a truly sparkling, dust free clean. This is another reason not to go for the cheapest price.

General cleaning

Builders dust needs to be trapped rather than spread into the air or it will just land in a new location. With high levels of dust produced during construction it will take several cleanings to remove it completely. That’s why all surfaces need to be vacuumed very thoroughly, using different kinds of attachments, brushes, and mops.

– Remove any rubbish and protection tapes left over from the building work.
– Professionally steam clean all carpets to remove dirt, dust, and marks left by paint or plaster.
– Professionally clean all internal and (optionally external) windows, sills, and frames of leftover debris, paint, and plaster.
– Remove all sticky labels from new doors, windows, appliances, and furniture.
– Dust all walls top to bottom with a micro fibre flat mop.


The kitchen is the most difficult area of the home to clean and will require the most attention.

– New kitchen units and appliances are usually fitted with protection tape, foil, and packaging. The best thing to do is to keep the removal of the protection to the end of the job. Then when all is ready and dust free you can peel off the foil, labels, and tapes and gently polish the cabinets with a soft micro fibre cloth.
-Always clean with the top to bottom system, starting with walls, lighting, wall fixings, and windows.
-Kitchen cupboards should be damp wiped inside and out, with handles wiped and polished.
-Appliances, should be damp wiped inside, (even if new), then polished with a soft cloth and optionally a stainless steel cleaning product.
-Vacuum, then damp wipe shelving, doors, ledges and skirtings.
-The floor should be thoroughly vacuumed, all around, behind, and under furniture where possible, then mopped with an appropriate product for wooden or marble tiled floors.

Living room, bedrooms, and hall

The living areas of your home will need a top to bottom cleaning approach to remove dust from every corner and crevice, including high to reach areas.

-Again, start with vacuuming around all corners, walls, fixtures and fittings to soak in as much dust as possible.
-Wash the windows and window frames inside, leaving them dust and debris free.
-Vacuum and damp wipe furniture, moving them around carefully if not too heavy, to avoid scratching the floors.
-Vacuum sofas, beds, and mattresses, if any there.
-Floors should be thoroughly vacuumed and mopped, making sure there is no debris left.


Bathrooms and toilets should be left gleaming and sparkling clean following a professional builders cleaning service.

-Vacuum all surfaces to get some dust out.
-Wash the window and window frame.
-Damp wipe tiles, fixings, lighting, mirrors, then dry polish it.
-Descale, disinfect, wipe, and polish showers, bath tubs, taps and
toilet bowls.
-Wipe down skirtings, doors with handles, all ledges and corners.
-Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors and toilet.

A professional builders clean team, with the right cleaning equipment and materials, will soon transform your home after you have had the builders in. Within a short time they will work wonders putting the icing on the cake of your newly refurbished home.

Finally, after perhaps months of upheaval, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new home safe in the knowledge that all dust has been removed from every corner, and everything is sparkling clean!

Aga Malaczewska is a cleaning team manager with Starlet Cleaning. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require a professional residential or commercial after builders clean in London.

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